Your Laundry and
Dry Cleaning Delivered.

100% Free pickup and delivery.

Get $45.00 off your first six orders!

Why use Bubble for your
laundry and dry cleaning?


We offer Laundry and Dry Cleaning services with pickup and delivery so you can save time.


Our service prices are very competitive. and comparable to your local cleaner.


We are obsessed with quality, consistency and providing best customer service to you.

How Bubble
laundry service works


Pickup 7 days a week and you don’t even have to be home. You can select a pickup time from our 24 hour calendar and we offer Contactless pickup.


Our Clean Team is full of cleaning experts who handle your laundry with care and make sure your laundry is clean, fresh and nicely folded.


Standard turnaround for laundry is Next-Day-Rush delivery and 2-Day Rush delivery for Dry Cleaning. Morning delivery available and we offer Contactless delivery.


Wash and Fold service

Wash and Fold

For your everyday laundry needs, returned freshly washed and nicely folded.

Hang dry service

Hang Dry

Designed for your delicates and other clothes that should avoid heat from the dryer.

Dry Cleaning service

Dry Cleaning

Perfect for anything you want cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger. Dry Cleaning delivery in 2 days.

Get $45.00 off your first six orders!

Simple pricing


Pickup & Delivery is Free

Except for certain household items: Blanket $10, Comforter $20 and Duvet cover $15

We have a $30 minimum and a $7.50 Service Fee on all orders. You can still give us as much or as little laundry as you want, but if it’s less than 20 pounds you’ll be charges $30.

Pickup and Delivery

We always arrive between 8pm and 10pm.


Contact-free Pickup and Delivery available.

Contact-free solutions

Don’t want to be part of any unnecessary interactions during the pandemic? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We offer contact-less delivery and pick-up. With secured digital payments to finalize the order, we’ll pick-up and deliver your clothes to a place of your choosing.

Real Time Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing when your order will arrive. This is why we let you select the pickup and delivery times. We make sure that you’re always in the loop. We notify you of your order’s progress so you can track your clothes when they’re on their way back to your address.

Safety first

With the pandemic pushing everyone indoors, we understand that the community is vulnerable to new challenges. In such times of crisis, it is easy to lose focus but we are dedicated to maintaining our quality services while adhering to all guidelines provided by the CDC and WHO.


Do I have to be home?

No! We’re all about convenience. Just put your clothes out after you order and go on with your day. We’ll pick up your clothes, wash, dry, fold, and deliver them clean and fresh next day. 

When is the latest I could schedule a pick up?

We prefer you schedule your pickup by 11:45 am the day of your pickup. This allows enough time for the drivers to plan their routes for the day. Check bubble pickup time availability in your area.

When is it weighed?

After your laundry is washed, dried, folded, and packed, it’ll be weighed. Feel free to verify the weight after delivery. 

If you want to estimate the weight before you place your order, you can use a simple bathroom scale. Or, just eye-ball it…an average size hamper is about 10 pounds of laundry.

What services do you offer?

Wash and Fold, Hang Dry and Dry Cleaning. Check bubble service availability in your area.

Do I have to separate Lights and darks?

Why would you? That’s our job. Your job is to tap and order. We take care of everything else.

Payment methods accept?

You can link your credit card right in your Laundry Bubble account. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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