Does dry cleaning remove smell?

Dry cleaning can help to remove certain types of smells from clothing, but it is not always effective at eliminating all odors. Here are a few factors that can affect the ability of dry cleaning to remove smells:

  1. Type of odor: Some odors, such as smoke or musty smells, can be more difficult to remove than others.
  2. Source of the odor: If the source of the odor is not removed, the smell may persist even after dry cleaning. For example, if a garment has a strong body odor, dry cleaning may not be able to fully remove the smell unless the garment is thoroughly laundered.
  3. Age of the odor: Odors that have had time to set into the fabric may be more difficult to remove than fresher odors.
  4. Fabric type: Some fabrics may hold onto odors more readily than others, making it more difficult to remove smells.

If you are concerned about a particularly strong or stubborn odor, it may be a good idea to speak with a professional dry cleaner about the best way to proceed. They may be able to recommend specialized treatments or techniques for removing odors from your clothing.

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