Your kitchen’s favorite acid can be a superstar on cleaning day. Do you have a collection of cloudy drinking glasses that just won’t come clean? Don’t waste your time scrubbing and scrubbing with traditional soap. A little white vinegar will help get those hard water stains out, along with a whole bunch of other unsightly stains around your home.

For glasses, you can soak them in diluted white vinegar or simply dunk a rag in your vinegar and clean as usual. This trick will also do wonders for your coffee carafe and dirty faucets. If you haven’t cleaned your showerhead in a while, put vinegar in a plastic bag and wrap it tight around the head overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and wipe it down to get it to sparkle.

That’s not even close to the end of vinegar’s powers. For dirty blinds, put some vinegar into a bowl and put your hand into an old sock. Dip your fingers into the vinegar and wipe those blinds down with the sock. It’s far easier than taking the entire set of blinds down to clean them, and it does a much better job.

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