What Happens Inside Your Washing Machine: A Guide to What’s Going On

What Happens Inside Your Washing Machine

Have you ever wondered what happens to your clothes when you put them in the washing machine? Most of us simply toss our clothes in, add some detergent, and turn it on without giving it much thought. But what’s really going on inside that washing machine?

Here’s a quick guide to what happens when you wash your clothes

It may take a few spins for the washing machine to determine the size of the wash load. But it will eventually start to fill up with water.

The washer then agitates the water and clothes together, using either an impeller or a wash plate, in order to clean them.

Based on what the washer senses, the appropriate amount of water begin to run into the tub. Once the cycle is complete, the water flow reverses and drains out of the machine. The washer then either tumbles clothes or blows them dry with air to finish the drying process.

Water pours over the detergent dispenser to bring liquid or powdered detergent into the mix.If

you have a top-loading washing machine, the water and detergent mixture swirls around inside the tub, getting clothes clean. If you have a front-loading machine, the water and detergent mixture is drawn down into a low-water wash system where it is distributed evenly before being pumped back up into the main washtub.

If you use pods, most washers have you toss them right into the tub. Some machines have a dispenser on the door that opens and crushes the pod for you.

Clothes are agitated by an agitator (a large, round brush) or an impeller (a small, spinning blade) to work the detergent into the fabric. The machine uses hot water and/or air to help remove dirt.

Detergent works because the molecules in its surfactants are attracted to oils on one end, and water on the other end. The detergent molecules form bubbles around the dirt and oil, and when the bubble pops, the dirt is released.

Some newer machines have what’s called a “front loader.” These machines use gravity to help move the clothes through the wash cycle. They don’t have an agitator or impeller, which can be gentler on your clothes.

Lint (tiny pieces of fabric) builds up in the washtub over time and needs to be cleaned out every few months. You can do this by running an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar.

At the end of the wash cycle, most washing machines spin the clothes at high speed to remove excess water. This step is important because it helps them dry faster.

With the rise of online shopping, machine washing clothes has become a popular way to save space. They might have a laundry detergent that they want to know more about, or they might just be curious. There’s no single answer that applies to all situations, so here are some ways we can dig into our washing machines without having them break apart in the process.

What’s Inside Your Washing Machine

Inside a washing machine, there are three main components: the drum, the agitator, and the drive. Agitation inside this component results from pressure from the drive.

Understanding the Washing Cycle

The washing machine’s cycle is much more complicated than you might think. It has a lot of different steps, and they happen in a particular order. Next, the agitator spins clothes around, which gets rid of excess water and soap. Finally, the rinse cycle removes any remaining traces of dirt or grease before it enters the spin cycle.

Understand the Process of Cleaning


The process of cleaning clothes starts during the washing cycle. The detergent mixes with the water and the clothes, bringing dirt and other debris to the surface of the clothing.

Considerations for Common Detergents

There are a variety of detergents you can use with your washing machine to get different results. Detergents come in many forms, including liquid, powder, and granules. This is just one of the many variables you need to consider when buying a detergent for your machine.

Doing a Clothes Cleaning Basics Check-up

If your washing machine is new or used, it’s important that you perform a clothes cleaning basics check-up. If you can, check the manufacturer recommendations for the type of detergent appropriate for the load size and washing conditions. For example, if you are doing a wash with white cotton clothes, you want to choose a detergent with extra brighteners and enzymes designed for whites.

Generally speaking, if your water quality is good, you will only need about a quarter of the detergent recommended on the bottle for an average load of garments.

If your machine requires more attention than just performing a basic clothes cleaning basics check-up, then it might be time to call in professional help from someone who specializes in this type of repair.



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