Laundry Delivery Service New York

100% free pickup and delivery. We pick up, clean, and deliver your laundry.

Get $45.00 off your first six orders!

Laundry Delivery Service New York

100% free pickup and delivery. We pick up, clean, and deliver your laundry.

Get $45.00 off your first six orders!

How Bubble Laundry Service works

Laundry Delivery Service


We pick up and deliver 6 days a week. You don’t even have to be home. We pickup day or night.

Laundry Delivery Service


We carefully inspect your clothes i.e. we remove all pens, receipts, cash, and every other thing in your pockets. lights and darks are separated and all your clothes are washed using cold water to preserve color then neatly folded with socks are paired, ready to be put away upon delivery to you.

Laundry delivery service dot


On the day of your scheduled delivery, we’ll text to remind you that your Valet will arrive soon for delivery.

Get $45.00 off your first six orders!

Amazing service, excellent prices

Perfect for all of your everyday Wash and Fold needs, returned freshly washed and nicely folded including paired socks for you!
Wash and Fold service

Wash and Fold $1.50/Lbs

Hang dry service

Hang Dry $3.99/Lbs

A $7.50 Service Fee and $30 minimum will apply to each order.


Contact-free Pickup and Delivery available.

Contact-free solutions

Don’t want to be part of any unnecessary interactions during the pandemic? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We offer contact-less delivery and pick-up. With secured digital payments to finalize the order, we’ll pick-up and deliver your clothes to a place of your choosing.

Real Time Updates

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing when your order will arrive. This is why we let you select the pickup and delivery times. We make sure that you’re always in the loop. We notify you of your order’s progress so you can track your clothes when they’re on their way back to your address.

Safety first

With the pandemic pushing everyone indoors, we understand that the community is vulnerable to new challenges. In such times of crisis, it is easy to lose focus but we are dedicated to maintaining our quality services while adhering to all guidelines provided by the CDC and WHO.


What your neighbors in and around Chicago say


"Been using Bubble for almost a month now and we could not be happier with their service. I run a small practice and while we try to stay consistent with our pickup and drop off requests, we hit busy streaks and need to adjust last minute. Bubble has been incredibly flexible and understanding and go above and beyond to meet our needs. Highly recommend them!"

— Daniel B., New York


"Bubble is amazing!! Im dealing with housekeepers for short time rentals and Dry Cleaning was always an issue and drama... they are very professional and I appreciate the services and problem fixing skills they have! The housekeepers just text Bubble when they get to the house and get the Dry Cleaning ready and they picks it up and delivers it back. It can't get easier than that!! I'm very glad I found Bubble online and highly recommend them."

— Daisy D., New York


"This is the first time I've ever used a pickup Dry Cleaning service, so I was nervous having someone else wash my clothing. I made sure to tell them that I needed my clothing the next day and that it could not be late. Well, the next day it was there and delivered my Dry Cleaning and laundry in a bag nicely folded. I was so happy that it worked out, and I definitely will use this service again."

— Samantha R., New York


"I used this service this week and was so pleased!! We had mountains of sheets piled up and were eager to find a service to help us get through all of this laundry. It was super easy to set up"

— Terry P., New York


"This place makes laundry easy. I log in select pickup and they show up pick up the laundry and it is delivered in one to two days. They have been prompt and during these past several months of craziness have been amazing with contactless deliveries. With so many other things to stress about why have laundry on the list when such an easy and effective solution is right there for you with Bubble"

— Cliff A., New York


"I've had a great experience using Bubble. The service has been convenient, fast, and affordable. The signup is simple. Scheduling a pickup is easy. The laundry is returned the next day washed, dryed and folded. This saves my family a lot of work and at a very reasonable price. If you have a lot of laundry that you need washed right away, I recommend Bubble"

— Johana S., New York

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